Earthing problem on electric fence

5 April 2017  |  Admin

I think I have an earthing problem on my electric fence


how to keep your electric fence at 100% this summer

Problem : 
During a hot dry spell the ground can become very dry and as a result its conductivity will decease dramatically. This means that the earth return for your electric fence will not work as efficiently as it normally would. This problem applies to all makes and types of electric fencing.

Result : 
A fence that is barely giving a shock despite all of its components ( energiser , tape, rope  etc ) functioning correctly.
This in turn may allow livestock to escape or predators to enter.

Solution 1 : 
Water your earth stake !
Make the ground around your earth stake damp.
Often this can be done when you are cleaning out and refilling water drinkers. This does need to be done regularly till the rain fall makes the ground damp again.

Solution 2 : 
Increase the number of earth stakes . These can be linked together but they must be a minimum of 3 meters apart. The stakes can be linked  with lead out wire . There is no limit to the number of stakes but if they are still in very dry ground they will need to be watered reguarly.

Solution 3 : 
For very long fences it can be necessary to add an earth wire to the fence. This additional line will be conected directly to the energisers earth terminal. From this “earth wire ” additional earth stakes will be attached at intervals along the fence. These additional stakes will reduce the distance from the point of contact on the live fence to the nearest earth stake. This reduction in distance will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the fence.

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