Electric Fence for Large Farms and Unusual Spaces

7 May 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fence for large farms and unusual spaces

Electric Fencing for large farms and unusual animals.

At FarmCare, we are proud to have a specialist electric fence team that cover all of the UK.  If you have a large or unusual electric fencing job, we can arrange for a specialist to come to your property, free of charge, to design the right solution for you.  They will take into consideration the ground, the animals you are fencing (in or out!), the human activity around the space and your budget.

We usually thoroughly enjoy these specialist projects.  The Hotline team’s latest job was at a zoo in Devon.  Not only did they create electric fencing solutions to keep the animals and public safe (all within a budget), but they also created a brand new solar light, called the Night Watchman to help protect the zoo’s lemurs.  At night the Night Watchman light flashes like the eyes of a strange animal.  After testing multiple versions of ‘eyes’ they created the perfect set to frighten foxes away from the Lemurs who were being bothered at night.  This light is now available to the general public, and we use it to keep the fox away from our pet rabbits!

So, as you can see, with the help of our Hotline team, we really do go above and beyond, listening to our customers needs and leading the industry in solution based electric fencing. Most of our electric fencing is made in Europe, if not right here in the UK.  We are a family based business, who specialise in electric fencing and we are always happy to help.

Have a look at the electric fence images below and see if you can guess which animals they were used for!


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