Fantastic Lister Star Offer

7 May 2017  |  Admin

Fantastic Lister Star Offer

We have an amazing, very limited time offer. Not to be repeated again!

Lister produced the Lister Star clipper for one of our German partners who are now clearing stock at the end of the season. We are able to offer this amazing and popular clipper, with the usual Lister warranty, but with the German ‘Horizont’ branding for the not to be repeated again price of £180.

This really is a great opportunity to get hold of a world class clipper at an unbelievable price.  Supplies are very limited and this offer will not be repeated!

This clipper is ideal for those with between 1 and 3 horses, and for those with small hands.  It is a mains clipper and fits all the standard Lister blades.  It comes with the A2F Fine blade, as is standard with all Lister clippers. It also comes with a hard case, a small brush and a 60ml oil.

This Star Clipper is available in the usual Star colours of Purple, Blue and Red.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We are always happy to help you find the clipper to suit you and your horses.

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