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7 May 2017  |  Admin

HotLine electric fencing

We recently toured the HotLine factory and were so proud to be British!  The electric fencing energisers are all made in the UK with meticulous attention to detail and quality.  From the plastic moulding, to the electronics and the initial design – it is all made here.  Most of the energisers come with a 3 year warranty.  Great care is taken to ensure they are very easy to use – from the varied options for mounting the energiser, to the instructions, to the maintenance of the energiser.   Should anything go wrong, they can be fixed in the factory in Devon – we’ve met the team and they really know there stuff!

Hotline has been making electric fences for over 50 years.  Although it is one of the largest British electric fencing brands, the company has a family feel with generations who have been employed by the same company.  They have done so well in the last few years they are moving to an even larger factory, creating more British jobs and more great energisers and fencing products.

Hotline make a full range of electric fencing products.  There are small energisers and electric nets, ideal for horses and poultry.  There are also powerful energisers and Hotline products used around the globe, in zoos and large scale farming.  Hotline has even developed products in conjunction with farmers who have an unmet need.  Recently they created a solar water pump to feed cattle for a farmer who needed to prevent his cattle from drinking directly from the nearby stream.  This water pump is now commercially available and is ideal for land owners and managers trying to keep livestock away from watercourses.   The solar water kit has supplied groups of 90 cattle with all their water requirements without any need to change or charge batteries.

Hotline also recently invented a ‘Night Watchman’.  This is a set of ‘solar eyes’ designed to scare away night predators, like cats and foxes.  This initially developed for Paignton Zoo who were having trouble with foxes bothering the Lemurs at night.  They presented the idea of ‘glowing eyes’ to Hotline, who were able to develop the solar powered Night Watchman.  The lemurs are now happy and safe at night and this product has proven to be successful with cats too!  We use on to keep the fox away from our pet rabbits!

If you are considering which brand to trust with your electric fencing, you can be certain that Hotline can be relied on to provide quality and a product to be proud of.

We have the full range of Hotline products. If you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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