Guide to Putting Up An Electric Net

24 May 2017  |  Admin

Erecting an electric net is fairly easy and should take about 20 minutes once you've got the hang of it.  The most important part is making sure the net isn't dragging on the ground - which will earth the electricity and weaken your fence.

Please note that the bottom line of the fence is not live so may touch the ground..

1) Prepare your site

Strim back all vegetation and mow the lawn.  Some people have placed builders damp course below the fence, and others have even put some old carpet down. You don't have to go to this length, but you will need to keep the grass down.

2) Unroll the netting and locate the first pole (the one with two strings and a stainless steel connector).

3) Insert the first post, making sure it is not touching anything conductive.

4) Walk backwards, un-ravelling your netting and laying each post on the ground where you want it to go.

5)  Insert each post, one at a time. Have enough tension to keep the post upright - but don't over stretch the fence.

6) If you have 2 nets, tie the end posts together using the tie strings and join the stainless steal connectors that clip together (this ensures the electricity flows through both nets).

7) Attach the energiser to the fence and attach the earth stake to the energiser.

8) If necessary, use a guy rope on corners and end posts to help give the net stability. Use a non conductive guy rope - such as fishing line or some type of plastic string.

9) Make sure your 'live lines' are all on the plastic posts. On occasion, a live line (remember that the very bottom line is not live) may slip down on to the metal spike of the fence. This will allow the energy to earth.  If your fence suddenly stops working at any point, check your energiser first, by disconnecting it from the fence and using a fence tester to check the output from the energiser. If this is sufficient, your problem is on the fence.  Check to make sure all the live lines of the electric net are on the plastic poles - if they have slipped on to the metal spike the energy will be earthed and the fence won't work. This is the most common problem! 








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