Lister Laser 2 and Why We Love It!

26 May 2017  |  Admin

The Lister Laser 2 is one of our favourite machines for the small holder or those with many animals to clip. It can be a horse clipper, for Alpaca, for cattle, or as a sheep shear and is incredible versatile. It is also very tough, powerful and durable.  It is a little heavier than the less powerful horse clippers, like the Lister Star or Liberty, but the extra weight allows for the most powerful motor of the Lister range.  

The Laser 2 has a 180 watt motor. It weighs 1200g, which includes the weight of the blades.  The grip diameter is 74mm and the length of the machine is 290mm. If you have small hands, this is not the machine for you. But those with medium hands or above should be able to manage it and reap the benefits of a tough and powerful machine.  Many professionals use the Laser 2.

The Lister Laser 2 comes in the follow options:

1) Lister Laser Horse Clipper, with an A2F blade as standard. If you would like to use it for cattle, we recommend the Lister CA2 blade.  We are always happy to switch blades. AS a horse clipper, it is only available in the Mains format. You can purchase a sheep shear head, and you simply remove to screws on the horse clipper, attach the sheep shear head and you're away. 

2) Lister Laser Mains Sheep Shear.  This comes with 2 sets of shearing blades. You can purchase a horse clipper head, should you wish to also use the macgine as a horse clipper.

3) Lister Laser 12 volt sheep shear - to run off a 12 volt battery (for when you are stuck in the middle of the field).

4) Lister Alpaca Shear - again, you can change the head to either a sheep shear or a horse clipper head. Simply remove t screws, and switch heads (a bit like Wurzel Gummage!)


Please note that the Lister Laser 2 must use blades with a metal yoke. These blades are about 50p more than the plastic yoke blades. The plastic yoke blades are not strong enough for the powerful Laser 2 and will wear too quickly. Many people do not realise this!  The good news is that the Laser 2 can take all the Lister blades, including the very popular Lister Covercote blade.


Lister clippers and shears are all made in the UK and known worldwide for their quality. Lister has the Royal Warrant and the Queen (and team?!) uses them for all her animals.  Lister has been making clippers and shears for over 100 years and really know their stuff.  The price point is far more competitive than Heiniger, and the quality is on par.


If you have strong hands and are looking for a versatile clipper or shear that will get the job done well, the Laser 2 might be for you!


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