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2 June 2017  |  Beth

Electric Fence Perimeter Measurements

Electric fence tape and rope is usually sold in rolls measured in metres.  In fact, most electric fencing advice refers to metres. The distance of plastic electric fence polyposts should be no more than 10 metres apart. The strength of an electric fence energiser is often explained by how many metres and kilometres of fencing it can power. This poses a problem for people who work in hectares and acres!  

For an exact measurement, you will need to measure the perimeter of your fence. If, however, you field is in a fairly standard square or rectangular configuration, you may find the chart below of help!

Electric Fence  Perimeter Length:

(0.1 hectares) ¼ acre = 127 metres
(0.2 hectares) ½ acre = 180 metres
(0.3 hectares) ¾ acre = 220 metres
(0.41 hectares) 1 acre = 255 metres
(0.81 hectares) 2 acres = 360 metres
(1.21 hectares) 3 acres = 441 metres
(1.62 hectares) 4 acres = 509 metres
(2.02 hectares) 5 acres = 569 metres
(4.05 hectares) 10 acres = 805 metres
(8.09 hectares) 20 acres = 1141 metres
(16.19 hectares) 40 acres = 1609 metres
(20.24 hectares) 50 acres = 1800 metres

Please remember that most electric fences require more than one line of tape, rope or twine. Typically, electric fences for horses have 2 lines (although you may need to add a third if you have a Houdini or horses of different sizes).  Sheep and pig electric fences usually have 3 lines of wire.   Badger fencing has 4 lines of wire. Rabbit fencing has 8 lines. Otter fencing has 2 lines. Fox fencing has 8 lines. Deer fencing has 4 lines.  Cattle usually requires 1 or 2 lines of electric fence wire.  Goats require 3 to 5 lines of electric twine, depending upon the breed.  Snails have just one line - no surprises there.

Electric fence tape and rope typically comes in rolls of 200m and 400m. Electric fence posts come in bundles of 10.

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