Electric Fence Energiser Theft Prevention

14 August 2017  |  Admin


Sadly, every month or so, we hear of somebody who has had their electric fence energiser stolen.  The energiser is usually the most expensive part of the fence, so not only is this costly, but it also leaves animals unprotected and offers untold bother and trouble.  Once a thief has struck once, it is likely that they will return next time they need an energiser.  


There is little you can do to disguise an electric fence energiser.  Anyone in the know can easily identify an electric fence and it doesn't take long to follow the fence around and find the energiser.  You can purchase camouflage energisers, which blend in with the countryside, but they can still be identifyed by a motivated thief.


There are therefore 2 main options:

1) If you have the set up, get a mains energiser that you keep indoors in a locked shed or unit.  This will make it far harder for the thief and with luck they will look else where.

2) Consider an energiser security box.  These are metal boxes designed to hold most energisers, along with a 12 volt battery.  (Height 53cm, depth 26cm, width 44cm).  The box comes with a mounting pole and earth stake.  The best thing about the box is that it is metal and can be made live, so the thief would have to open an electrifyed and locked security box in order to get your energiser!  Don't worry - you get a special key so you can safely open the box without getting a shock!  The security boxes are quite expensive (about £172.99) which is about the cost of your average energiser and 12 volt battery.  However, if you have a repeat theft problem, this could be your solution and well worth the investment.  

More details on the security box can be found here


These security boxes take about a week to be delivered.
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