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16 August 2017  |  Admin

Horse clippers are an expensive purchase, and the blades form a significant part of the cost.  It can therefore feel frustrating when you purchase a clipper and it comes with a blade you do not want!


FarmCare UK is a family run business and we want our customers to get good value for money.  We therefore offer a free service where we can change the blades for you when you order a clipper, to make sure you have the exact blade you want.  If you are switching to a blade that is the same price as the standard blade that comes with the clipper, then there is no charge for this service.  If the blade you are switching to costs a little more, we only charge the difference between the blade that the machine comes with and the blade you are switching to.  There is no charge to switch blades, beyond the cost of the blades.

Lister clippers come with an A2F blade as standard.  This leaves 1.4 mm of hair.  However, if you are new to clipping you may find the A2 blade (the 'medium' blade) more forgiving as it tends to leave less 'lines' on the coat.  Both the A2F blade and the A2 blade cost £35.99 so there is no charge to switch to this blade.  


The Covercote blade is another popular blade, especially for those showing horses.  It is unique to Lister and leaves 5mm of hair.  This blade costs £47.99 (due to the difficult production process) so you will only be charged an additional £12 to switch to this blade.  Please note, however, that these blades sell very quickly and Lister struggles to keep up with demand.  We currently have 50 in stock, but in peak clipping season will likely have some weeks where we struggle with inventory.  If you want a Covercote blade, please order now!


If you have any questions about selecting the right blade or clipper for your needs, please do not hesitate to call. We are always happy to help.


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