Lister Fine Clipper Blades

25 August 2017  |  Beth

Lister Fine Clipper Blades are available at  Only £35.99


Lister Fine Clipper Blades leave 1.4mm of hair on the horse.  They come as standard on all Lister clippers.  The most popular blade has a plastic yoke, which works for all clippers apart from the Lister Laser 2.  For the Laser 2, you must ensure you get a blade with a metal yoke.  This is because the clipper is very powerful and a plastic yoke will get worn very quickly.  The A2F and the A2 'Medium' blade are both available with a metal lug, and usually only slightly more expensive.


The A2F is Lister's most popular blade.  However, it can be difficult for beginners to use this blade because it tends to leave more 'lines' when clipping.  If you are worried about lines, you may be better trying the A2 'Medium' blade that leaves 2.4mm of hair and is more forgiving.


The Lister Covercote is a blade that is unique to Lister, leaving 5mm of hair.  This is an extremely popular blade for those who wish to show their horse.  Production of this blade is challenging (perhaps why Lister is the only brand that produces this type of blade) and Lister often struggle to keep up with demand during busy times.  If you want this blade, please order it early in the season.


Lister blades can re-sharpened. It is impossible to say how many times they can be re-sharpened as this depends on the wear on the blade and the person and machine sharpening the blade.  It is highly advisable to only go to a reputable business for blade sharpening as it is easy for blades to be damaged or poorly sharpened, giving you poor clipping results.

Lister blades can only be used on Lister machines - they do not fit any other type of clipper.  Some companies make blades that can fit Lister machines.  Liveryman has a blade that will work on Lister clippers - but the price difference is not great and it is probably best to stick with the Lister clipper blades.


Lister clippers are made in the UK and hold the Royal Warrant.


If you have any questions about horse clippers or blades, please don't hesitate to call.  We can be reached at 01323 406212


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