Heiniger Horse Clippers - why we love them!

8 September 2017  |  Beth

Heiniger clippers - an overview


Heiniger is a brand that has been around for years.  It is a Swiss family owned business who have been designing and manufacturing animal clippers and shearing equipment since 1965.  Heiniger is known for their excellent quality, advanced designed and precision Swiss engineering.

Heiniger clippers are slightly more expensive than other clippers on the market, but this is reflected in their quality.  They come with a 2 year warranty (rather than the 1 year warranty that comes with most brands) and they are made in Switzerland, with high quality raw materials and consistent and precise engineering.  Lister makes their clippers here in the UK, but almost all other brands have a significant number or parts if not the whole clipper manufactured in Asia and this can have an impact on reliability and quality.  

Heiniger clippers are typically the quietest on the market, with low vibration and cool running blades.  Tensioning is easy - simply wind down until the tension nut tightens, then add another quarter of a turn.  Many leading horse specialist will only use Heiniger.  Most recently, Sharon Hunt has been leading the PR for Heiniger and I doubt their is anybody out there who would question Heiniger quality.


The most popular and advanced Heiniger clipper is the Heiniger Xplorer.  It is unique because the battery is in the handle of the clipper (like it is with some trimmers).  This makes for really easy clipping with no cords to worry about.  Most other 'cordless' clippers have a small cord that attaches to a battery that typically sits on a belt.  The Xplorer battery lasts for about 2 hours of clipping and recharges in only 90 minutes - most batteries take much longer to recharge (5 hours or more).  The clipper itself is quite light at about 990g including blades and battery.  This compares to the Lister Liberty cordless clipper that weighs only 800g (not including battery as this clips on to the belt).  The Lister Laser 2 weighs 1200g (with no battery as this is a corded clipper).

The Xplorer handpiece is also a sealed unit which means no hair or dirt can get inside.  This has the benefit of producing less heat in the unit, minimises operating problems and reduces servicing costs.

The Heiniger Xplorer is a medium to heavy duty clipper capable of cutting all horse hair types.  It has a good speed and you won't have any concerns about the power of the clipper.  If you are clipping a lot of horses you may wish to invest in a second battery so you can clip for more than 2 hours.  From £355.00.


The Heiniger Xperience is probably the quietest heavy duty machine on the market and is, in fact, not a lot louder than the Heiniger Progress!  It has a 200 Watt permanent magnet motor which makes it very powerful and capable of dealing with all types of hair.  It is a mains operated clipper, so you have no battery to worry about.  For a heavy duty clipper, the Xperience is also surprisingly slim and light.  It weighs 1200g and the main grip point is 17cm.  It is comparable to the Lister Laser 2 - although the Laser 2 is less expensive, slightly louder and has a 1 year warranty.  From £285.00.


The Heiniger Progress is Heiniger's 'starter' clipper.  It is ideal for those with small hands and is therefore popular with women and teenagers.  It is easy to use and can handle most horse hair.  It has an 80 Watt permanent magnet motor, and is very quiet running.  It weighs just under 1000g and has a very slim grip of 16.5cm.  The head of the clipper is set at 13 degrees to the handle which allows for a very comfortable clipping position and the over-sized tension control gives ease of use and accurate tensioning.  This is a great clipper for those new to clipping.  From only £210.00.


The Heiniger Handy is an old Heiniger favourite.  It has no bells and whistles, but it quiet, has low vibrations and is very reliable.  It is just a real work horse.  People who have used it for years often want to buy it again because it is so reliable.  It is probably the most reliable clipper on the market!  It weighs 1250g and has a powerful 120 watt motor.  From £275.99.

If you have any questions about Heiniger clippers, please don't hesitate to call.  We are a family run business from Sussex and we are always happy to help.


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