Solar Lighting For Your Yard

1 April 2017  |  Admin

It’s dark out there!


Solar lighting and power for stables and events.

solar horse

No mains access – no worries!

The solar hub can light up an indoor space of 8m x 8m, with no mains access.  You can also charge your phone, laptop or even fans.  We heard from a customer who uses this at events with no mains access – and she loves it for keeping her horse cool and charging up all her gadgets.


solar hub 16

The kits has everything you need to get light and power.

See the light – go solar!


Standard pack: £99.99

Lights up a 4m x 4m space

Charges phones and smaller gadgets


Large Pack: £199.99

Lights up an 8m x 8m space

Charges phones, laptops and even fans


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