Horse Clippers for Every Coat

4 October 2017  |  Beth

Horse Clippers For Every Coat


Selecting the right horse clippers for your horse - and yourself - can be challenging.  There are so many brands, price points and blades to select from.  


If you have a horse with a light 'easy' coat then you have a wide choice available.  We think the best brands are Heiniger and Lister.  These horse clippers are made in Switzerland (Heiniger) and the UK (Lister).  The blades are made with strong steel (you'd be amazed at the difference in blade quality among the different brands).  Any of their clippers would work for you.  Cordless horse clippers are more expensive, due to the cost of the batteries.  Popular horse clippers from Lister include the Star, Liberty, Legend and Laser 2.  My favourite, for a horse with an easy coat is the Lister Liberty.  It's got a good amount of power, is very reliable and is comfortable to hold.  Popular horse clippers from Heiniger include the Progress, Xplorer, Xperiance, Handy and Saphir.  I like the Heiniger Xplorer the best - although this is a cordless clipper and is quite expensive!


For heavy coated horses - often older horses and those with Cushings - you'd be better choosing heavier duty machines.  The best Lister horse clippers are the Lister Legend, or the Lister Laser 2.  From Heiniger, you're looking at the Xperience of the Handy.  The Lister Liberty Cordless clipper could cope, and the Heiniger Xplorer Cordless clipper would also manage.  It's probably best to avoid the Star and the Progress and certainly avoid the Saphir and the Libretto and Liveryman's Harmony Plus.


For those clipping a lot of horses, the Heiniger Handy, Heiniger Xperience, Lister Legend and Lister Laser 2 are the toughest machines that can handle a heavy workload.


If you have a horse with a very light coat, you could get away with using either the Lister Libretto Max, The Heiniger Saphir or the Liveryman Harmony Plus.  These are somewhere between clippers and trimmers and certainly have less power than a full clipper.  However, they are light, quiet and slightly less expensive.


If you have a horse that is very sensitive, Heiniger are typically the quietest horse clipper brand on the market.  The Progress or the Xplorer have low vibrations and low noise and can clip quickly.


If you have any questions about horse clippers, please don't hesitate to call.  We are always happy to help.


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