New Horse Trimmers from Lister

13 October 2017  |  Beth

NEW Lister Horse Trimmers:  The Allegra and the Adagio


Lister has spent a lot of time and investment developing their horse trimmers so they can offer a top quality and complete horse clipping and trimming solutions, to meet different needs.  They have now introduced 2 new trimmers to their range.

NEW:  Adagio. 


The Adagio is brand new for 2017.  With a 100 minutes running time and 150 minutes  quick charge time, this trimmer will allow you to tidy up your horse and give it a professional finish.  The Adagio has an LED light that lets you know how much charge you have left in your battery. The trimmer has a powerful DC motor with automatic speed control for consistent cutting regardless of battery level and coat condition.  It comes with a precision-ground 5 in 1 blade that allows you to effortlessly alter the depth of trim from 3mm to 0.7mm, giving you a seamless and neat transition from your main clip to the areas you are trimming.  The blade has an 'easy clean' design and is also easy to remove and attach.

The Adagio is very quiet and has extremely low vibrations - ideal for anyone with a nervous horse.

The Lister Adagio takes the standard A5 snap-on blades.

1 year warranty.

NEW Lister Allegra


Brand new to Lister in 2017, the Lister Allegra is a quiet, low vibration and comfortable cordless clipper.  With up to 75 minutes running time, the Allegra clips to a standard length of 0.7mm and comes complete with lifter guards so you can change the length of your clip.  It can be Mains or Battery operated.  It is very lightweight and quiet and has rubber nubs for a secure grip.

The Allegra takes an A5 snap on blade.


1 year warranty.

These new Trimmers replace the Legato and the Tempo.  


Lister's other horse trimmers include:


Lister Libretto Max

From £77.50

This is a powerful trimmer that can run from the Mains or from a battery (the same battery as used by the Lister Liberty and Showman).  It is the most powerful of all the Lister trimmers and comes with a No 10 Competition blade leaving 1.4 mm.  It takes all A5 snap on blades.  This is such a powerful trimmer that it is almost a very light weight clipper and could cope with clipping a horse with an light coat (especially if you use a wide blade).   The Libretto is powered by a 12v motor so it is cool running and quiet in use, please note this is compared to most 240v mains clippers.  his trimmer is great for horses and dogs!  You can get great 'Combi deals' buying this trimmer with the Liberty clipper.


Lister Pico


The Lister Pico is a small pocket horse trimmer. Great for quick small jobs - a bit like the pocket knife of the clipper and trimming world, it fits in the palm of your hand!

The Pico is ideal for small jobs like the whiskers etc. It has low vibration levels, and is a great and inexpensive way of introducing horses and children to clipping. A great small birthday present or stocking stuffer!


- Battery operated compact trimmer, with low vibartiion levels.

- Small and easy to hold.

- One AA alkaline battery

- Cleaning brush, trimmer oil, 2 attachment guide combs, blade guard and instructions


Lister trimmers are great value and all come with a 1 year warranty.  Many of the big brand trimmers are now made overseas and quality can be an issue.  This is not the case with Lister - who hold the Royal Warrant and are very proud of their quality and brand.

If you have any questions about horse trimmers, please do not hesitate to call.

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