New Adagio Horse Trimmers from Lister - Review

16 October 2017  |  Admin

We just got the NEW Lister Adagio horse trimmer in and gave it a whirl.  It's fantastic!  Really comfortable to hold and quiet to use - as you'd expect from a trimmer.  What makes this trimmer stand out is the amazing Magic blade it comes with - which lets you effortlessly switch from 0.7mm to 3mm cutting length with just the slide of a button (no more fiddling with lifter guards to add to your blades).  The blade is also really easy to snap on and off and also easy to clean.


The horse wasn't at all worried by this trimmer, even around his ears which is usually a sensitive spot.  


The other real benefit of this clipper is the recharge time.  It's really quick to charge  (150 minutes) and has a good length battery life (100 minutes).  This lets your trim multiple horses and ponies - and the LED light keeps you informed about how much battery life you have left.


The packaging for the trimmer was nothing to get excited about - a fairly standard plastic box, but the gem is what is inside.  This is definitely a step up from the Lister Legatto and Tempo, which this trimmer replaces.  I wouldn't use it for a full clip and it is not as powerful as the Libretto trimmer (which falls between a light horse clipper and a heavy duty horse trimmer).  But for a horse trimmer, it is a great option and definitely easier to use than the standard Liveryman and older Lister trimmers.

The Lister Adagio gets a bug thumbs up from FarmCare!


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