Lister Covercote Blade Availability Update

18 October 2017  |  Beth

Lister Covercote Horse Clipper Blades - not available until January 2018


The Lister Covercote blade is ever increasing in popularity.  It is the only brand that has a blade that can clip to 5mm and we have seen a cult following build over the last couple of years.  Unfortunately, it is also a very difficult blade to make.  Lister have a machine that is especially built to produce this blade.  However, one of the 'rolls' on the machine needs replacing.  Th new machine part is not going to be finished until December 2017, meaning that Lister will not have the Covercote produced until January 2018.


We are very sorry for the delay.  We had a large stock of this blade at the beginning of the season - all of which have now run out. We will be the first to get the Covercote blade in January 2018.


Other Lister blades include:

- Lister fine A2F blades: this clips to 1.4mm and is fitted as standard with all Lister clippers.  The Laser 2 needs the A2F blade with the metal yoke. The Star, Liberty and Legend can take either an plastic or metal yoke.  The metal blades are fractionally louder, slightly tougher and 50 pence more expensive.


- Lister medium A2 blades:  these clip to 2.4mm.  They are a good choice for those new to clipping as they tend to be a bit more forgiving than the Fine blades and leave less 'lines'.  Once again, you have the option of a metal yke or a plastic yoke.  The metal yoke is required for the Laser 2 and optional for the other Lister clippers.


- Lister Coarse blades - these are great for very hair cobs or horses with advanced Cushings disease.  They are also good for cattle.  They do not give a great finish (it can be a bit 'tufty') but they make getting through coarse hair much easier.


- Lister 'Close' blades - these cut to 1mm, for a very 'close' cut. They come with a metal yoke, suitable for all Lister clippers.


- Wizard blade - this allows you to shear a sheep using your horse clipper!  This is a good option for small holders with just a handful of sheep.  If you have more sheep, you'll be better off getting a full sheep shear.


There are also surgical and super surgical blades, for veterinary use.


If you have any questions about the Lister blades, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are a family run business and we are always happy to help.


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