First Electric Fence For Horses

1 November 2017  |  Beth

Electric Fencing:  first electric fence for horses


Most people decide to get an electric fence for their horse to keep it safe.  Electric fencing can keep your horse away from dangerous areas, can help your control how much grass they eat, and can keep them exactly where you want them.  An electric fence will not hurt your fence, or any animal.  It is carefully controlled to give a nasty shock which will soon teach them to keep away from the fence.  The fence will not hurt children or adults, although if you have a pace maker or heart problems it is best to stay away from any type of shock, for obvious reasons.

As the purpose of the fence is to keep your horse safe, you need to select the right type of barrier.  Please DO NOT use wire, twine and especially not barbed wire.  These can all badly injure your horse.  The best options are electric fencing tape (20mm or 40mm is standard)or 6mm electric fencing rope.  These will snap should your horse get tangled in them, but they are strong and carry a good shock.  Barbed wire should never be used in any electric fence (please report it if you see it) and wire and twine are suitable for other animals but not horses!

Ideally, you can power you fence from the mains.  This gives you a reliable and inexpensive form of power.  However, this is not usually possible, so you then have a choice of a battery or solar powered fence.  Both work well.  A 9 Volt battery operated energiser is light and easy to move around - but you will need to replace the batteries after several months.  A 12 volt powered energiser is good because you can recharge the battery - but it is quite heavy to move around and you need to remember to recharge the battery every few weeks.  A solar powered energiser charges up an internal battery.  These are great options and work very well, but cost a little more in initial outlay.

Most people select a fence in either green or white.  Leading thoughts suggest that horses can see green most clearly, and it also blends into the surroundings (some National Parks insist on green fencing).  However, humans can see white fencing more easily and it is probably the most popular fencing colour for horses.  Both work and there is no price difference!  You can also get brightly coloured fencing posts, which are popular for people trying to make their field easily recognisable!

Our most popular starter kits includes 20 plastic polyposts, that are easily pushed into the ground.  These posts come in 3ft or 4ft options.  3ft is usually sufficient, although some people with larger horses prefer the taller option.  200m of 20mm of tape is included.  This allows for a 100m fence with two lines of tape.  You can switch to rope or 40mm tape, as required.  40mm tape is more conductive and is good for larger fields or for very determined horses!  Rope is slightly more durable than tape, but also slightly more expensive.  An Equistop 9 Volt energiser and 3 month battery are included.  This is popular because it is so easy to set up and move around.  Gate handles are included for easy access to the paddock.  This is everything you need to get started with a simple 100m electric fence!

Here's a link to the kit, which is £126:00:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  WE are always happy to help!


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