Horse Clippers for Christmas

20 November 2017  |  Beth

Horse Clippers are a popular Christmas gift, and as such we try to have them in stock and ready to go!  Please order as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Although we ship with a 24 hour courier there can be delays at this time of year.


Some of our best Christmas horse clipper deals include:

  • Lister Star in purple of green - only £199.99 with a FREE Lister hold-all to make the gift even more special. On sale!
  • Professional Sierra Cordless Horse Trimmer - with an adjustable blade that lets you change the length of your clip with the slide of a button.  Only £39.99. On sale!
  • Heiniger Xplorer horse clipper - with a FREE saddle cloth.  Only £334.99.  On sale!
  • NEW Lister Adagio horse trimmer - only released in October.  £104.99 with a FREE pair of riding socks.
  • Lister Pico pocket trimmer -  great addition to your grooming kit and only £8.99!


If you are looking for fun stocking stuffers for the horse enthusiast, how about:

  • A new fence tester - so you always know that your electric fence is working.  Staring at £12.99
  • A Lister Pico pocket trimmer - only £8.99.  The pocket knife of the trimming world!
  • A clipper suit - so you can leave all the mess at the yard.  Only £4.99.
  • A clipper guide short video with Sharon Hunt on a Heiniger USB stick - only £1!
  • Clipper oil - from £2.99.  You can never have enough!
  • Wahl Dirty Beasty Shampoo - so your horse gleams for the new year!
  • Show Sheen Detangler - for only £19.99
  • Ultimate Rechargeable Explorer Torch - On Sale for only £21.99.  This is no ordinary torch - the light it gives off for those dark nights at the yard are amazing!


if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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