Solar Lighting for your Stable or Yard

1 April 2017  |  Admin

Solar Lighting for your Stable or Yard


Indoor Lighting for Stables

Ever wanted:

– a light for your stable or yard that doesn’t need mains power? This light can be indoors – powered by a solar hub that sits outdoors!

– somewhere to plug in your phone or laptop when at the yard or in your field?


We have an award winning solution for you!

The Solar Hub provides power to a light (either a bulb or strip lighting) and offers outlets for you to charge your phone, laptop or other gadgets.

It is VERY EASY to install and use and is a wonderful example of how solar power is here to make our lives easier.  It even won the ‘best product’ award at the 2016 BETA show.


Solar Hub 16 lights up a 16m x 16m space and comes with:

– solar panel (easy to mount outside)

– Power hub (where you plug in your phone and gadgets)

– 1 LED strip light or light bulb.

Only £99.99


Solar Hub 64 lights up an area that is 64m x 64m and comes with:

– solar panel

– power hub (where you plug in your phone, laptop and even fans)

– 4 x LED light strips or bulbs

Only £199.99


We also have a 10 watt solar panel that can be used to charge 12v batteries – ideal for anyone fed up of lugging their battery to the mains to be recharged.  They are only £32.99 and are a wonderful time saving, environmentally friendly option.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call:  01323 406212

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