Clipper Servicing Is Back!

4 January 2018  |  Beth

Clipper Servicing Is Back!

Clippers are a significant investment, and it is important to look after them to prolong their life.  At FarmCare, we specialise in Lister, Heiniger and Liveryman clippers and trimmers.  We can also service some other brands, but please check before sending them in as some clippers are made in China and we do not have access to the parts - we do not wish you to waste postage!


The clipper service fee includes a full inspection, service and clean of the clipper.  If the clipper requires a repair, we will contact you with a quote for the part and repair work.  If you know your clipper is having trouble, please send a brief description of the problem you are encountering, along with your contact details.  If you would like your blades to be sharpened, please select 'service and sharpen' option.

Please ensure you clean your clippers before sending them in.  It is also advisable to take your blades off the clipper to avoid any damage before sending them in.  Your clippers and blades should also be cleaned after every use, before you put them away - this will prolong their life (horse hair is very acidic and can eat away at metal).


Our clipper servicing is done by a fully trained service team.



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