Lister horse clipper maintenance

8 January 2018  |  Beth


It's approaching the time of year when you complete your last few clips - a moment we all look forward to!  Before you put your horse clippers away for the summer, please make sure you look after them and have them ready for next season.


  • Please change the filter on your horse clipper.  If your filter is clogged (especially on the Lister Star) it WILL damage your clipper and this can cost you a lot of money.  A new filter is very inexpensive (£6.99) and well worth the investment.
  • Please make sure you clean your blades after each use.  Horse hair is very acidic. If you leave hair on the blades it can eat away at the steal causing dents that cannot be fixed.  A new set of blades is £35.99!  Please clean and dry your blades, and then oil them for protection.
  • Please DO NOT keep your clippers in the take room, yard or horse box.  They need to be kept inside, with a constant temperature.  This applies to both cordless and corded clippers.  Batteries do not like changes in temperature.  Corded clippers can get moisture in the motor and this will seize the motor when they are turned on again after sitting un-used for a season.  Keeping your clippers inside will definitely prolong their life.
  • Please get your clipper serviced.  It is usually best to do this at the end of the season, so you know it is stored in a clean condition, again prolonging your clippers life.  Clipper servicing at the beginning of the season is also very busy and you may end up waiting for your clipper or any parts required.  Servicing your clipper keeps it running smoothly and prevents any unnecessary problems.  
  • Consider getting your blades sharpened, ready for the new season.  Make sure you give them a spot of oil before storing them.
  • Check your clipper lead for any damage.  This is important on mains clippers.  A damaged lead can be dangerous.
  • Finally, please give your clippers a very good clean.  Blow away any hair, use the brush that comes with your clipper  Give them an oil.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

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