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17 January 2018  |  Beth

Are You Planning a New Electric Fence?


If so, we can help!  From measurements, to selecting the right electric fence barrier, to selecting the right type of energiser and answering any questions you have about setting up your fence.


  • Do you have access to the Mains?
  • Do you want a rechargeable battery (which will need charging from the mains every 2 to 3 weeks) or a replaceable battery that you change every 3 to 9 months?  
  • Do you want to use solar power to recharge your battery?
  • How large is the area you want to fence?  Are you likely to need to fence a larger area in the future?
  • What type of animal are you fencing (in or out!)?
  • How flat is your ground?  If you have undulating ground or an irregular shape, you may need to have your posts closer together?
  • Is this a permanent fence, or a fence you want to easily move?


If your fence is permanent, you can consider either stock fencing (which costs more to install, bu t lasts for longer) or electric fencing polyposts.  Polyposts should be placed every 8-10 meters to prevent sagging.  If you have undulating ground, you may need to palce them closer together.  Polyposts are very easy in install and come in 2 main size options - 3ft and 4ft - and a range of colours.


The energiser is the most expensive part of the fence and is used to convert your power (battery or mains) into the appropriate electrical pulses to go around you electric fence.  It is important to get an energiser that can EASILY power your fence.  More power is always better.


Different animals need different barriers to keep them in or out safely.  For example, electric fence tape or electric fence rope is recommended for horses.  However, wire or electric fence twine can injure a horse if they charge a fence or get tangles and is NOT recommended.  Pigs work best with wire.  Chickens are kept safest with poultry nets.  Goats work well with heavy duty twine.


We are are very happy to help you build your own electric fence system or to help you select the right kit for your needs.  There is no charge for this service.  We are a family run business and we are always happy to help.  Please give us a call: 01323 406212  or email us at


Electric Fencing is easy when you get the right advice!


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