Lister Covercote Blades are IN STOCK!

18 January 2018  |  Beth

Lister Covercote Blades Are Back In Stock!


Finally!  Lister Covercote Blades are available again.  Lister have confirmed that we will receive them on Tuesday January 23rd (next Tuesday). Their machine is up and running  again and we will be the first to get the new batch of blades!


The Lister Covercote clips to 5mm and has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years.  Lister have run out of this blade every year, and this year the problem was compounded by their custom machine breaking.  Lister is the only clipper brand to offer a blade that clips to 5mm.  The Covercote blade comes with a cutter and comb and will fit all the large Lister clipper, including the Lister Star, Lister Liberty, Lister Laser 2, Lister Legend, Lister Neon (the old version of the Star) and Lister Showman (the old version of the Liberty).

The Lister Covercote blades cost £47.99.


We have the full range of Lister clippers, trimmers and blades.  

Other Lister Shearing News

Lister Shearing has launched 2 new horse and pet trimmers - the Lister Adagio and the Lister Allegra.

Lister Adagio Trimmer:  This is made in partnership with their sister company Wahl.  It is a cordless trimmer, ideal for horses and dogs.  It has a 'Magic blade' that lets you change the length of trim with the slide of a lever, allowing for effortless professional results.  The Adagio is light, comfortable to hold and is quiet with low vibrations - exactly what you would expect from a world-class trimmer.  This trimmer replaces the Lister Tempo and Lister Legatto trimmers.  It costs £104.99.


Lister Allegra Trimmer:  This trimmer is also made in partnership with Wahl and is ideal for horses and dogs.  The blade trims to 0.7mm and it comes with Lifter guards to allow for different clip lengths.  It is light, quiet and the usual excellent Lister quality.  What's more, it has an amazing price point at only £79.99.


If you have any questions about your Lister clippers, trimmers or blades, please don't hesitate to call.  We are one of Lister's largest partners and are always happy to help.

Please don't forget to have your horse clippers services, and to clean and oil your blades before putting them away.  Please keep your clippers inside.  Protect your investment!


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