Horses suddenly escaping? It might be time to change your electric fence tape!

25 January 2018  |  Beth

Check your electric fence now to avoid escaping horses!


It won't be long before the grass starts to grow, and we really need to keep ponies and horses where we want them.  We often get calls from customers thinking that their electric fence is broken, or seeking more powerful energisers because their horses keep escaping (the last thing you need in the morning!).  We usually start by asking if the fence used to keep their horses contained.  If the fence used to work, it is always worth checking:

1) Your battery

2) Your earth stake connection

3)  You connection on to the fence (wires can get rusty and need replacing)

4) The condition of your electric fence tape or rope.  If it has knots, or is looking old, or you can see any broken wires, this is likely to be your problem!  Electric fence tape and rope is sadly not going to last forever.  If it is old and broken or knotted, there will not be as many electrical conductors carrying a shock around the fence.  Your horses or ponies may just be getting a small zap, which is not enough to prevent them from challenging the electric fence.  Try changing your electric fence tape or rope.  Please don't tie knots in your tape or rope - but use conductive tape connectors or rope connectors, which will make sure each electrical conductor runs across the whole stretch of your fence.  If only half of your conductors are working, you horse will only get half a shock!

You want to have at least 3,000kv on your fence - ideally 5,000kv or higher.  If in doubt, get an inexpensive fence tester (only £12) and test the power on your fence.  This will help you identify the problem.


If you have any questions or concerns about your electric fence, please don't hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help.


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