Horse Clipper Blade Sharpening

12 February 2018  |  Beth

It's almost time for some people to do their last clip of the year.  Your collection of horse clipper blades is often worth almost as much as your horse clipper itself!  Seriously, if you own 3 or 4 sets of blades, that's almost half the value of an average clipper!


Please make sure you remove your horse clipper blades from your clipper before storing them for winter. Please give them a good clean, but don't leave them wet as they may rust.  Once clean, give them a good coat of oil and wrap them in kitchen roll to store them.  Do NOT leave horse hair on your blades because it can be very acidic.  We have seen horse hair burn groves into expensive blades.  If you have not had your blades sharpened in some time, it is a very good idea to get them sharpened now, ready for the new season (and removing any small bits of rust).  You should also check your blades for broken teeth.


Here at FarmCare we have a top quality blade sharpening machine (the same type as used by Lister).  We sharpen all large horse clipper blades, including Lister, Heiniger, Liveryman and Liscop.  A good blade sharpening machine is essential - it impacts how much of the blade is taken off, and how sharp the blades get.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are a family run business and we are always happy to help.

To get your blades sharpened, simply send them to FarmCare and click here to pay online:

1 blade set:  £8.00

2 blade sets:  £15.75

3 blades sets:  £23.50

4 blade sets:  £31.00

5 blade sets:  £38.50


A blade set is a cutter and comb.

Blades are sharpened within 48 hours of receiving the blades and returned on 48 hour postal service.  If you are in a rush, please let us know and you can upgrade to a 24 hour courier.

Please send blades to:


FarmCare UK

24 Upper Kings Drive


East Sussex

BN20 9AN


We also offer clipper servicing.


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