Trmming your horse during the summer

13 March 2018  |  Beth

It is common practice to stop clipping horses in March, and wait for the summer coat to come in.  Some people choose to continue to clip their horse throughout the year (for example, international show jumpers and dressage competitors, horses and ponies with Cushings disease, polo and show cobs etc) but in general people are moving away from clipping during the summer months, in favour of natural horsemanship.  


Trimming, however, is very popular, to ensure your horse looks its best for turn out purposes.  Currently, people will trim around the muzzle, in the ears, across the bridle path/poll, under the chin, around the fetlocks etc.  Depending on your type of horse, discipline and country, there are some specific trimming rules.  For example, in showing if you have a Native breed (e.g. a Newforest) you can only trim the fetlocks and no other area of the pony.  Show poines, on the other hand, can be trimmed within an inch of their lives!  In Germany it is illegal to trim a horse's muzzle, around the eyes as well as clipping or cutting hairs inside the ears and competitors can be fined if their horses are found unlawfully trimmed or clipped.


If you do need to clip your horse during the summer months, the Covercote blade by Lister is becoming increasingly popular.  It leaves 5mm of hair on the horse and just tidies the horse up and prevents the horse getting too hot.


There is a huge range in price for horse trimmers, and it can be hard to tell the difference.  Here's a quick overview of some of the best trimmers available.

Sierra Professional Horse Trimmer:  This trimmer is an amazing starting point.  It is cordless, quiet and has low vibrations - so perfect for nervous horses.  It has the power to do everything you need (apart from, perhaps, hogging) and the blade length can be easily change by the movement of a lever.  It comes with 2 batteries and replacement blades are only £11.99.  What's not to like?  Only £39.99


Lister Allegra Horse Trimmer:  This cordless trimmer is ergonomically designed and comes with the usual Lister promise of quality.  It has a 1 year guarantee.  It is quiet, with low vibrations and medium power.  It can get most jobs done (except, perhaps, hogging).  The blade only trims to one length, but does come with lifter guards to clip over the blade to change trim length.  This trimmer is £79.99


NEW Lister Adagio:  This cordless trimmer is a real gem, and great for dogs as well as horses.  It has an adjustable blade and is of medium power.  £104.99

Lister Libretto:  This is a powerful trimmer, and great for dogs and horses.  It's also handy for anyone who owns a Liberty as it can run from the same battery and the same mains adapter.  It is Lister's most powerful trimmer.


Heiniger Saphir:  This is the top of the trimmer range, and is favoured by vets and those who use their trimmer a lot.  It is very powerful, reliable and comes with a 2 year warranty.  It does not have an adjustable blade.  You can select a corded or cordless version (the cordless version is more expensive).  You can also select the 'Saphir Style' - which is slightly more expensive, but the only difference is the colour and design of the casing.  From £192.99


Liveryman Element:  This cordless trimmer has been around for a long time and is very popular.  It has low vibrations, low noise and is very easy to use.


Liveryman Classic:  This cordless trimmer is a step up from the Element, and in our opinion is a better option than the Element.  It has slightly more power and is more ergonomically designed.  £92.99


Lister Pico:  This is the pocket-knife of the trimmer world.  Great for quick tidies and very nervous horses.  But not ideal for a full trim!  Only £8.99


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