LeoVet Power Phaser - protect your horses!

19 March 2018  |  Beth

It's almost that time of year again - when the flies emerge and so does the itching!

LeoVet Phaser sprays and gels protect your horse from flies, horseflies, mosquitoes and ticks.  Protection will last for 7 hours, even if your horse is sweating.  The formula is very gentle on skin, so even horses with very sensitive skin can use it with confidence.  In fact, even riders can use it!

The spray is the fastest option for application purposes, but the gel is useful for those with very sensitive or nervous horses.

The Power Phaser insect repellent has a particularly high concentration of active ingredients, which makes it very effective!


LeoVet Power Phaser Spray.  £13.99



LeoVet Power Phaser Durativ Gel:  £16.99



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