Heiniger Saphir Style Clipper and Trimmer - On Sale

27 March 2018  |  Beth

The Heiniger Saphir Style Clipper - On Sale!


Only £269.99



Heiniger clippers are made in Switzerland and come with a 2 year warranty as standard.  Many claim they are the best clipper brand on the market, and we can certainly speak for their quality.  


The Heiniger Saphir is a small clipper or very powerful trimmer.  It is a huge favourite with vets and professioanls.  It comes in several varieties:


1.  The Heiniger Saphir Cordless Clipper

2. The Heinger Saphir Style (the same as the cordless clipper, but with a funkier design)

3. Saphir Corded Clipper  This has a 3 metre cable, making it easy to use.  It runs at a slightly higher speed than the cordless clipper (3,200 dbs/min vs 2,650 dbs/min).


The corded clipper can be made into a cordless clipper if you add a battery, and likewise, the cordless clipper can be made into a mains clipper if you add a cord!


The cordless clipper comes with 2 high performance lithium batteries.  Each battery clips for more than 50 minutes, and only takes 45 minutes to charge.  

The Saphir clipper is light and quiet.  It weighs only 440g.  It has a 35W permanent magnet motor, which means there are less moving parts in the motor creating less wear and tear and ensuring your clippers last a long time!


The Heiniger Saphir takes the A5 snap on blades, which come in a large variety of options and trimming lengths.  The Heiniger branded blades are excellent quality, but quite expensive.  However, Wahl or other A5 snap on blades can be used.


Heiniger clippers typically come with no blade, a number 10 blade or a number 40 blade.

We have only ever had glowing reviews of the Heiniger Saphir.  They give an excellent finish, are comfortable to use, powerful and reliable.  They're fantastic for nervous animals due to their size, quiet nature and low vibrations.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  WE are a family run business and we are always happy to help!


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