Liveryman Black Beauty and Liverman Bruno Horse Clipper Deal

2 September 2018  |  Admin

Livery Man Black Beauty Horse Clipper with the Liveryman Bruno Horse Trimmer - Combo Deal!

Only £429.00 (usually £492.00)

For a limited time only, we are pleased to offer the Liveryman Black Beauty and Liveryman Bruno clippers at an amazing 'combo' price.  The Black Beauty is a top range clipper, that is very comfortable to hold and capable of clipping most coats for those with between 1 and 5 horses.  It's main point of difference from other horse clippers is it's variable speed.  You can change the speed as you clip from 1500rpm to 2700rpm.  The slower speed is great for sensitive areas and for horses who are nervous of horse clippers and appreciate the lower noise and vibrations.  The higher speed gives you extra power to get through tougher fur or to quickly clip confident horses.

The Black Beauty has a brushless motor, which is the most modern type of horse clipper motor.  A brushless motor means you have less moving parts in your clipper, which reduces wear, vibrations and heat.  So, it's a cooler more comfortable clip for you and your horse, and the clipper requires less servicing.

The Black Beauty runs from a battery (included in this combo deal) and can also run from the mains.

The Black Beauty launched 3 years ago and had a couple of teething issues (with the power cable and tensioning).  These issues have now all been resolved and this clipper is incredibly comfortable to use and reliable.  It comes with a 2 year warranty.


The Liveryman Bruno Horse Trimmer is a powerful trimmer, and with a wider blade can even be used as a light-weight clipper for horses with a light coat.  It runs from the same battery as the Black Beauty and can also operate from the Mains.  It uses A5 snap on blades (disposable blades) which come in a very large variety of sizes.  This trimmer is also good for dogs' coats (due to it's power and size).  Like th Black Beauty, this trimmer has variable speeds, which sets it apart from other horse and per trimmers.  The Bruno has a 1 year warranty.


The Liveryman Black Beauty and Bruno Trimmer combo is a top of the range trimming set, allowing you to give your horse (and dog!) a professional looking clip.  The speed and comfort of these clippers and trimmers make them a popular option.


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