Win a Heiniger Progress Horse Clipper

4 September 2018  |  Admin

Win a Heiniger Horse Clipper!  (worth £210.00)

Simply send us a photo of your horse.  The best photo wins a FREE Heiniger Progress!  The winning shot might be funny or beautiful.  

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Send your photos to: or send it to us on Facebook or Twitter

Heiniger Progress Horse Clipper: The Progress horse clipper is one of the most modern designs in the market today, with the comfort of the operator and horse in mind.  It is ideal for people with small hands and is ultra light-weight and compact in design.  It has a slim grip (16.5 cm around) and the head is set at 13 degrees to the handle which gives the operator a more comfortable clipping position. The handle has a rubber grip coating, and the power switch does not interfere with your hand position.

The Progress weighs just under 1 kg.

The Progress uses a modern 80 watt permanent magnet motor that provides plenty of power and yet is quiet with low vibrations. The permanent magnet motor means there are less moving parts, which creates less friction, heat and wear.  It also allows the clipper to speed up when it is under strain to cope with the increased workload. The oversized tension control gives ease of use and accurate tensioning.


The Progress clipper takes all the standard Heiniger blades.

Because of its high power, low weight and slim grip the Progress clipper is idea for ladies that have 2/3 horses to clip on a regular basis.

Weight: 950g 
Length: 280mm
Grip Diameter: 47mm  (16.5 cm circumference)
Blade Speed: 2250
Voltage: 240v
Wattage: 80 Watt permanent magnet motor (increased from 65 Watt in old model) - powerful enough for most jobs

Cable Length:  5m

Noise Level:  73dB

Warranty:  2 years

Comes with:  1 set of medium blades 


Competition Details. Competition open September 1st - November 30th.


Competition Deadline: November 30th


Winner will be announced: December 7th

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