NEW Lister Liberty Lithium Horse Clipper is HERE!

16 October 2018  |  Beth

NEW Lister Liberty and Libretto Lithium Clippers are Here!

We're very proud to be the first to be selling the brand new Lister Liberty and Lister Libretto Max Lithium Horse Clippers.  


The Lister Liberty has long been one of our favourite clippers.  This is because it is very reliable, comfortable to hold, quiet and has the power to clip all hair types.  It is definitely a step up from the popular Lister Star (which we consider to be Lister's 'starter' clipper) and it is lighter, smaller and far more comfortable to use than the Heavy Duty clippers, like the Laser 2, Fusion and Xperiance.  It is also very flexible, in that you can use it as a Mains clipper, a cordless clipper and even run it from a 12 volt battery.

So, what's new with the 'NEW' Liberty and Libretto Lithium clippers?  Well, it's mainly an updated battery that has been a long time coming.  The new lithium battery charges in 4 hours compared to the 14 hours required for the old battery.  The new battery also has a useful LED light to let you know when your charge is getting low.  Importantly, when you have 10% battery charge left, the clipper slows down and then stops before your battery gets completely flat - this is a great feature because it protects your battery (it is very bad for a battery to go completely flat). The new battery also has a stronger cable connection to the clipper, which was some times a slight niggle with the older model of the Liberty. The battery belt is also a slightly improved design and less likely to pop open when you bend over.

The new lithium battery will work for both the Liberty Lithium Clipper and the Libretto Max Lithium Clipper.  It needs the Lithium battery charger.  It will NOT work on the older style Liberty, Libretto Max or Showman clipper unless you get the special adapter.  If you buy a new Lithium battery, it comes with the adapter included for the older models.

Lister are now calling the older Liberty and Libretto models the Liberty Classic and the Libretto Classic.  The new models, even if they are mains version are the Liberty Lithium and the Libretto Lithium.


What we think:  We love the fact that Lister are constantly improving their product range.  They invested in a new factory four years ago and have been developing their product range for the last 3 years.  They have done an enormous amount of research and testing and are very careful to only release top quality products.  This new battery has been a long time coming, but it is definitely a welcome improvement.  There are still some of the old clipper models in the market, but we think it is worth investing in the new model. 

We're now looking forward to the launch of the Lister Fusion, Lister Shearing's new heavy duty clipper, in January 2019.  


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