Review of NEW Lister Liberty Lithium Horse and Cattle Clipper

16 January 2019  |  Beth

The NEW Lister Liberty Lithium Horse Clipper is everything we hoped for!


The new Lithium battery is a good improvement.  It makes the clipper run slightly faster, giving it a bit more power.  It has lights on the battery to let you know how much charge is left and when we used it it lasted for almost 3 hours and charged in 4 hours. 

The belt stays on more easily, and the cable connection to the clipper seems more robust.

The mains adapter (that comes with the Yard pack and the Mains option)  is also slightly different, but still has all the plug options so can be used in Europe and America, as well as the UK.

The clipper itself is more or less the same as the older Classic model.  It is light, comfortable to use and the angle of the head makes it easy on your wrists.  It takes all the Lister blades, including the increasingly popular Covercote blade, that clips to 5mm and is a good option if you show your horses.  Lister is the only brand that makes this type of blade.

This clipper is great for anyone with small hands, anyone who shows their horses and anyone who needs a cordless clipper.  The Mains option is a really good price point for such a reliable and respected brand.  I wouldn't recommend this clipper if you have 6 or more horses to clip on a regular basis - you'd need something heavier duty like the Legend or the Heiniger Xperiance.  However, for everyone else, this is a fantastic option and in my opinion a better long term option than the Lister Star.

The new Lister hold-all is a really nice addition to the clipper.  The tray at the bottom of the hold-all is really useful and the bag looks good.  It can even fit your riding hat!

If you have an older Liberty Classic, getting some parts will now be a bit tricky.  The 'insides' of the clipper are still available, but the Liberty Classic chargers, mains adapters and cables all require Lithium adapters or will be harder to get as the current supplies run out.  The Classic batteries are no longer available and converting to the new battery is an expensive proposition as you have to buy the battery, a converter and a charger.  


So, in conclusion, are we still fans of the Lister Liberty?  It's a big YES!  This is my personal clipper of choice.


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