Gallagher EID Tag Smart Readers ON SALE!

11 February 2019  |  Beth

The government has recently announced that they are going to increase grants available to farmers who are working to increase their efficiencies.  This can help to pay for new technology, such as the EID Tag Smart Readers, that help farmers better manage their livestock while they are out and about.  This saves the farmer time, and allows them to make informed decisions on the spot.  The grants can cover up to 40% of the cost of the equipment.


We are pleased that we are able to offer some great savings on Gallagher's popular EID Reader and Data Collecting handheld devices, including the HR3, the HR4 and the HR5.  In our opinion, the HR4 is currently the best value option in the market.  These devices are a bit like Ipads for farmers.  They let you collect, edit and store data about your livestock very quickly, while you are on the yard or in the field.  This lets you spend more time with your livestock and less time in the office.

The HR4 is currently on sale for £769.99.  If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we will try to beat that price.

Here's a YouTube video that tells you a bit more about the HR4 Smart Reader.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us: 01323 406212

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