Heiniger Handy Clipper

1 April 2017  |  Admin

Heiniger Handy Clipper Phased Out


Heavy Duty Reliable Clipper - Last Chance!

We have heard rumour that the Heiniger Handy Clipper will no longer be available at some point next year.  We’re sad to hear this as the Heiniger Handy is one of the most reliable heavy duty clippers available – we never get problems with it!  Heiniger will still stock all parts and service the clipper, so for anyone looking for a true heavy duty clipper that won’t let you down, order the Heiniger Handy while you can!  Are they phasing it out because it is so reliable and great value that it prevents them selling more elaborate clippers that typically have more to go wrong?  Call us cynics!

The Heiniger Handy Horse Clipper is such a favourite of ours, we are trying to find something similar.  Watch this space….

Heiniger Handy Only £295 and it will last and last and last and last… (you get the picture!)



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