Selecting the best horse trimmer

1 April 2017  |  Admin

Selecting the Best Horse Trimmer


Review Of Leading Horse Trimmers

There is a large variety of horse trimmers on the market and they all essentially do the same thing.  So how do you select the right one?  They are all light and easy to hold, with low vibrations, so what sets one apart from another?  Considerations include:

– Cost of trimmer

– Cost of replacement blades

– Mains or battery operated

– Reviews

The Lister Libretto is very popular and is great value and a bit of a no brainer for any one with a Lister Liberty because it can run off the same battery and mains adapter.  You therefore only need to buy the Libretto Solo at £77.50 making it a great price.  Replacement blades are £19.99.  However, if you have to buy the Libretto Popular Pack (which includes the battery) it gets a little pricey at £156.99.  You also have options for a Mains version, or a Yard version (with battery and mains adapter) but again, this begins to get quite pricey for a trimmer.

The Liveryman Element is a very popular basic trimmer.  It’s reliable and gets the job done and costs only £64.99.  Replacement blades are £19.99.

The Sierra is by far the best value for money.  At only £44.99 it comes with the bonus of not one, but two batteries.  Replacement blades are £8.99 and the reviews of this trimmer are fantastic.

Of course, there are many other trimmers. The Lister Legato (a good trimmer, but the Libretto is far superior).  The Lister Tempo (quite new to the market, with good reviews, but not as popular as other trimmers).  The Wahl trimmers (they work – but for the price we prefer other options). The Liveryman Classic (a good option, but more expensive at £79.99 with no real added benefit for the money).  The Pico (a great little tool at only £8.99, but not a full trimmer).

Unlike horse clippers that vary in their capabilities, all these horse trimmers (with exception of the Pico) will easily do the job, so you can’t really go wrong!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are happy to help.

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