Lister Liberty or Lister Star Horse Clipper?

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Lister Liberty or Lister Star horse clipper?


Great Prices on Lister Horse Clippers - Star and Liberty

We often get asked which clipper is best.  Of course, this depends on what you are using the clipper for, the size of your hands and your budget!

The Lister Liberty is probably the better horse clipper.  It is slightly more powerful that the Lister Star, but still light and comfortable to hold.  I am 5’2″ and find it easy to use.  It will clip most horses without any trouble at all.  It takes all the usual Lister blades, and you have the option of running it from the mains, a battery pack or a 12v battery.  Another feature is that it does not blow out air, which is great if you have a ticklish horse!  At FarmCare, we have the best Lister prices, and the Lister Liberty starts at only £235 for the Lister Liberty Mains, and prices go up as you add on the battery or the 12v battery leads.

The Star is a good option for a teenager new to clipping with small hands, and for people with perhaps 1 – 3 horses.  It comes in a choice of 4 colours (green, red, blue or purple) and it is light and easy to use.  With FarmCare it is only £225 which is a great price for a full clipper from Lister.

So, which would I choose?  I’d opt for the Liberty, due to the power, the flexibility and the price difference of only an extra £10 over the Star.  Unless I was buying if for a teenager, in which case I may consider the Star, in the colour of his/her choice.

If you have any questions or would like any more of the technical details, please don’t hesitate to call.  We are always happy to help.

Lister Star: Only £225

Lister Liberty Mains:  Only £235

Lister Libety Popular Pack (with battery): £299.99

Lister Liberty Yard Pack (battery and mains adapter):   £337.00

Lister Liberty Field Pack (battery plus cable for a 12v battery):  £325.00

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