Electric Fence Should Have 3000 volts or more

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric fence; 3000 volts or more


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If you have an electric fence, it is important to make sure you have enough volts going around.  You should have at least 3000 volts on the fence, all the way around.  It is important to test your fence at different points around the whole fence, especially at the far end of the fence where the power is typically at its lowest.

Factors such as the resistance of your barrier (rope, twine, wire), the length of your fence, the power of your energizer, lots of knots in your fence, and any grass or wood earthing your electricity could all reduce the power of your fence.  if you are not getting a reading of at least 3,000 volts, you should assess your fence and decide what can be changed to get the fence back to it’s proper performance – it is usually a simple fix.

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