Black Beauty Horse Clipper Tension

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Black Beauty Horse Clipper Tensioning

The Liveryman Black Beauty horse clipper is hugely popular.  It’s comfortable, light, powerful and the new lithium battery lets you easily clip your horse and more, with the mains adapter included in the package as your back-up – all for only £309.99.

With this said, a few customers have found the tensioning of the blades a little tricky at first.  So, here’s a video from Liveryman to help you out:

The key to getting the right tension for your clipper blades is to listen for the change in tone on the clipper as you tighten the tension (a bit like the change in tone when you balance the clutch in a manual car).  When the tone changes, you’re at the right tension.  If the blades are getting hot (especially on the Black Beauty, which shouldn’t get warm at all) then you likely need to ease off the tension a little.  You will know if you have taken off too much tension because the blades will stop cutting (a bit like children’s plastic scissors which are too loose and stop cutting).

If you have any questions about the Liveryman Black Beauty Horse Clipper, give us a call!

Liveryman Black Beauty Horse Clipper – Only £309.99


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