Lister Star Clipper re-set button

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Lister Star Clipper – re-set button

If your Lister Star re-set button pops out, please make sure your push it all the way in with a pen (or something other than your finger) until it gives a little click.  Many people try pushing it in with their finger and then fear that their clipper is broken when it doesn’t re-set!

The Lister Star is a lovely clipper for those with 2-3 horses with average length or shorter hair.  It is particularly popular with young people, or women with small hands.  It is a mains clipper that is comfortable to hold, light and uses all the quality Lister blades.

The Lister Star is only £225 and is a great option for those new to clipping.  It comes with an A2F blade, although we are happy to switch it to other blades (A2 blades are great for beginners) if requested.

Lister Star – only £225

Available in 4 colours – purple, blue, red and green


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