Lister Star Covercote Blades - great price

2 April 2017  |  Admin

xxLister Covercote blades – great price


What are Covercote blades and how do I get some?

Lister Covercote blades seem to be more popular than ever.  They leave 5mm of hair behind, making for a smooth finish on the horse’s coat.  They have been hugely popular in USA for years and the trend has been gathering pace in the UK.

No other company makes a similar blade and Lister is once again the leader of the pack when it comes to horse clipper blades – if only they could keep up with demand!


The Covercote blades fit on the Lister Star, Lister Liberty, Lister Legend and Lister Laser 2.  Some customers have even told us that the reason they opt for Lister clippers is all down to the Covercote blades!

We are currently one of the lucky few Lister suppliers that have Covercote blades in stock, but they do run out quickly.  So, if you need Covercote blades now, or even for the beginning of next season, it is a good idea to get them while you can!


Lister Covercote blades – only £47.99 (£59.00 with most competitors)


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