Lister Laser Clipper - Metal Blades Required

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Lister Laser 2 horse clipper – blades with metal yokes required!


Lister Laser 2 - more popular than ever - but please select blades with metal yoke.

The Lister Laser 2 horse clipper seems more popular than ever this year.  It’s the most powerful of the much loved Lister horse clipper range, and for this reason you must use blades with metal yokes.  The full range of Lister blades come with an option of a metal yoke, and there is often no price difference, or just pennies between the metal and the plastic yoke.  If you use a blade with a plastic yoke on the Laser 2, it cannot cope with the speed, pressure and friction and it will shred far too quickly.

Please remember to select metal yokes if you have a Lister Laser 2!  The good news is that blades with metal yokes can be used on the other Lister clippers, so if you have multiple Lister clippers (you’d be amazed by how many people have a collection) always select metal yokes and feel free to use these blades on your Lister Star of Lister Liberty too.

Of course, it makes one wonder why all Lister blades don’t come with a metal yoke as standard?


Lister Laser 2: £279.00


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