Hairy Horse Clipper

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Hairy Horse Clipper

Top Tips to looking after your horse clippers

This is a picture of the inside of a Lister Laser 2 Horse Clipper.

Hairy motor of a lister laser 2 horse clipper

The clipper is used by a professional groom and the machine  is looked after. The air filters are  cleaned and the clipper is wiped free from hair after every job.

Inside is a different story , the amount of hair trapped inside was stopping the air from moving through the  clipper thus making the horse clipper run hot ( hence it came in to us for a service )

This is space under the air filter , totally full with all bits of the cut off hair that have made it past the filter

Hair in a listr laser 2 clipper


To prolong the life of your horse clippers

Regularly remove the air filters and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the hair and debris that has found its way in to the inside of your horse clipper. Your clipper need air to keep the motor and blades cool .

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