Electric Fencing to Keep Animals Out of your Garden

31 March 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing is a great way to keep pests out of your garden.  It is legal to use electric fencing and it can be very cost effective, especially when you calculate the damage caused by unwanted visitors. Electric fencing is simple to install and can be run from batteries or from the mains.

If you have a fence already running around your garden, you can place electric fencing along the top of your wall or fence.  You will need an electric fencing energiser, a power supply (battery or mains) and insulators and posts to hold your electric fencing tape, rope or wire.

If the animals are not touching the ground when they touch the electric fence wire, for example a cat going over a high fence, they will not get a shock.  In this instance you have to run an earth return strand in such a way that when the cat or fox is on the top of the fence it touches the earth return strand and the live strand simultaneously. Note the earth return strand must be connected to the earth stake.  This will then give the animals a good shock and should prevent them from bothering with your garden again.  An electric fence is primarily a psychological barrier.  It is not designed to hurt an animal but to give it an unpleasant sensation so that it does not want to touch the fence again.

If you are suffering from a rabbit problem, you can use electrified rabbit netting.  Once again, this is not designed to hurt the animals but just to give it a shock.  In this instance you need an electric fence energiser, an electric fence net and a power source (mains or battery).

There is even electric fencing for Snails, to protect your veggie garden!

Electric fencing can also be used to protect your pond from herons, your fish from minx and your chickens from foxes.

The basics for electric fencing reamin the same.  You will need something to power your fence, you will need an energiser to convert the power into suitable electrical pulses, you will need a barrier to carry the current (net, tape, rope, twine or wire) and you will need an earth stake.  It is very simple to set up!

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