Electric Fence Horse Rug

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fence horse rug


Keep your horse safe - electric fencing rug

It’s that time of year again when we begin to think about rugs.  If you use electric fencing to keep your horse or pony safe, have you considered an electric fencing rug? It is designed to work with electric fencing to prevent escapees. The chest and neck area of the rug have the benefit of integrated panels designed to instantly transfer the pulse from an electric fence directly through the inside of the rug, so your horse will feel it the same as if it wasn’t wearing one. The design enables layering of multiple rugs underneath the fence buster whilst still ensuring 100% effect from the fence is felt.
This rug has many benefits we could talk about without the bonus-fencing feature, so on the whole even as a standard turnout rug it’s a pretty good one.

Key features –
1680D outer,
250g fill throughout the neck and rug,
Breathable anti rub Nylon lining,
Removable rear leg straps
Quick snap and adjustable chest closure
Extra large tail guard
Taped seams
Fleece whither relief pad
Can be used in conjunction with Guardian liners
Extra long tail Flap

We say: This rug is great value for money it has all the features of any other hardy winter rug.


If you’d like a lighter rug,  The Genius™ rug is designed for use in the summer as a 0g lightweight rug, or it can be used over the top of a normal rug during the winter to transform a normal rug into an electric fence rug.
The specification includes a 1200d polyester outer, quick snap adjustable chest closure, cross stomach surcingle’s, shaped tail flap, taped seams and fillet strap.

4  Quick Facts about electric fencing rugs:

1) Prevents escapes

2) Clever fabrics transfer the pulse to the inside of the rug the very instant the horse touches the fence

3) Stops a horse walking into, leaning over or ducking under a fence

4) 100% fabric (no wires or batteries)



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