Lister Covercote Blades In Stock

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Lister Covercote blades – in stock!


Lister Covercote blades: £46.75

Lister Covercote blades often run out of stock as clipping season gets into full swing.  We have some in stock at the moment, and will try to keep them on the shelves for as long as possible.  However, Lister has run out and had a long delay in previous years, so please order your Lister Covercote blades early to avoid disappointment.


Lister Covercote:  £46.75

The Lister Covercote blade is designed to leave 5mm of hair.  It is useful for clipping legs and especially feathers where leaving more hair can be desirbale in order to give the horse some protection.

The Lister Covercote fits all Lister Clippers.

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