Electric Fencing Rope - Guide to Different Qualities

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing Rope – guide to different qualities


Electric Fencing - quality rope at great prices

Electric fencing rope comes in different lengths, colours and qualities.  The quality is determined by the conductivity of the rope is and the UV resistance of the rope.

As an example, I will detail the 3 grades of rope we offer:

Our Standard electric fencing rope has 6 stainless steel (0.20mm) conductors and a 500 Kg break strain. The maximum recommended length for typical 12v fencers is 4.4 Km.

Standard Rope: available in green or white.

400m: £33.25

200m: £18.00

Our next grade of rope is our Turbo rope. This rope has the lowest resistance of any rope we sell. That means it will carry the largest current for the longest distance. The Turbo rope also has a 3year anti UV and manufactures defect warranty.  5-6mm Turbo Rope has 6 conductors (0.25mm) of Copper and Stainless Steel.  It has a 380kg Break Strain.

Turbo Rope: Yellow

400m:  £39.99

200m:  £20.50

Our top quality rope is our Optima Rope. This is an exceptionally high grade rope made from polyethylene and has a 5yr anti UV warranty.  It has 6 conductors of 0.3mm stainless steel. This gives a high level of conductivity.

Optima Rope:  Green or White

200m:  £23.00

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We help people get started with electric fencing everyday. 01323 406212


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