Getting the right tension for your horse clipper

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Getting the right tension for your horse clipper

Many people get anxious about getting the right tension when clipping a horse.  If you have a clipper that needs you to adjust the tension of the blades, the clipper will likely have come with some direction as to how to correctly tension the blades.  however, these directions should be taken as a guide only.

If the blades are too loose, they won’t cut the hair of the horse (imagine plastic loose children’s scissors – where the paper bends but doesn’t cut).  However, if the blades are too tight the clipper will get very hot due to the friction of the blades rubbing hard together.  Lister suggests that you tighten the blades and then turn the knob back 1.5 turns.

We find the best way is to listen to the clipper.  Tighten the blades until they ‘bite’ (a bit like getting a clutch in a car to bite) then take it back half a turn.  Obviously this is slightly different for each clipper, and for your style of clipping, but in time you will learn to listen for the ‘bite’ and can work from there.

Getting the right tension for your horse clipper blades is an art, not a science.  So do experiment and find out what works for you.  And don’t forget to oil your blades every 5 – 10 minutes!

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