Electric Fencing Tape Quality Guide

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing Tape – quality guide


Guide to selecting the right electric fencing tape

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Electric Fencing tape comes in different lengths, thickness, colours and qualities.  The length and colour can be easy to select, but the different quality options can get confusing.  There are 2 main factors to consider:  the conductivity of the tape and the UV resistance.  The amount of steel both lowers the resistance of the tape allowing a stronger shock to be carried further and it also increases the strength of the tape. The wider tape usually has more conductive threads and therefore gives a stronger zap to the fence.  However, in windy places, the 40mm tape can cause problems so despite the extra conductivity, you may be better to stick with 20mm tape or even rope.

At FarmCare, all our electric fencing tape is made in Ireland and is made of strong fibres with excellent conductivity stainless steel threads.

We have 3 different qualities of tape:

– Shock is out standard tape.  Our 20mm has 6 x 0.2mm stainless steel conductors.  Our  40mm tape has 8 stainless steel conductors of 0.15mm and an 80Kg break strain. The Shock tape is great for short distances and is our most popular tape.

– Guard is the next level up.  Our 20mm tape has 9 x 0.20mm stainless steel conductors and a 90Kg break strain. Our 40mm has 13 x 0.30mm stainless steel conductors. This is very conductive and can be used for mid range fencing distances.

– Optima is our premium electric fencing tape.  Our 20mm Optima has 5 x 0.4mm stainless steel conductors, extra thick polymers reinforcing the top and bottom edges, and a 5 year UV warranty.  40mm Optima has 10 x 0.4mm stainless steel conductors and a 5 year UV warranty.  When you have tried this tape, you won’t ever want any other brand!

If you have any questions about electric fencing tape, rope, energisers or kits, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We help people get started with electric fencing everyday.



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