Lister Liberty and Lister Libretto Clipper Mains Adapter

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Lister Liberty and Lister Libretto Mains Adapters

The Lister Liberty Clipper and Lister Libretto Trimmer can both be run from the same Lister battery and the same mains adapter plug.  The mains adapter comes with universal plug options, so for those in other parts of the world it is easy to use adapter plug.

If you have a Lister Liberty Popular Pack (the Liberty that comes with the battery) it is possible to purchase the Lister Liberty Mains Adapter so you have the option to use mains power should your battery ever run out.  Likewide, if you have a Lister Liberty Mains clipper, it is possible to buy the Lister Liberty battery and battery charger, to give you the option of clipping away from the mains.  The Liberty has a varietry of options making it a flexible and very popular clipper!

Until recently it was possible to get a mains adapter that was only for the Libretto trimmer, and was slightly cheaper than the Lister Liberty mains adapter.  unfortunately, Lister has now stopped offering this option.

The Lister Liberty and Libretto Mains Adapter costs £55.00.

The Lister Liberty and Libretto Battery costs £119.00

The Lister Liberty and Libretto Battery Charger costs:  £45.99

You can also run the Lister Liberty from a 12 volt (car or leisure) battery, using the Lister Liberty Vehicle Leads: £26.50

Lister Liberty Popular Pack:  £299.99

Lister Liberty Yard Pack:  £337.00

Lister Liberty Field Pack: £342.99

Lister Liberty Mains Clipper:  £235.00

Lister Liberty Deluxe Pack – great value with the Lister Liberty, Lister Libretto, Battery and Battery Charger all included:  £339.00

In our opinions, the Lister Liberty is one of the best clippers on the market and is especially good for those with between 2 and 5 horses.  It has good power, is comfortable to hold and very rarely has any problems at all (unlike some clippers at this price point that can have motor and tensioning issues).  There’s a reason that Lister holds the Royal Warrant and has been creating animal clippers for over 100 years!

All Lister clippers come with a 1 year warranty.  They are made in the UK.

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