Electric fence gates explained

Electric Fence Gate Options Explained

31 March 2017  |  Admin
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Electric fence gateways are simple to install, but there are a number of options you need to understand before selecting the one that is right for you.

It is a good idea to ensure your electric fence stays live, even when your electric fence gate is open.  This will ensure that the animals left in the field remain safe.  You’d be amazed how many animals (particularly horses, goats and pigs) know the second that the fence is not live!  To make sure your electric fence stays live, you will need to use double insulated lead out wire.  You strip back the insulation and attach this wire to one side of your live fence.  You then run it under the ground (a good foot under ground if possible) usually through blue water piping to add to the protection of the wire.  You then strip back the insulation and attach the wire to the other side of the fence.  This will now allow the electrical current to keep flowing around the fence, even when you open the gate.


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Next you need to decide what sort of gateway will work for you and your animals.  Your typical choices of gateways for an electric fence are:

  • Standard gate handle (with rope, twine or wire attached)
  • Tape gate handle
  • Spring gate handle
  • Rope gate handle
  • Elastic gateway (also called bungee gateway)
  • Roller Gate


Standard Gate Handle:  £1.99

A standard gate handle can be attached to rope, twine or wire.  It has a conductive element running through the gate handle, so it will ensure your gate is ‘live’ but the handle is insulated for ease of use.  Please be aware that you should not drop the gate handle on the ground when you open the gate as this will ground the electricity and stop the fence from working.

Standard gate handles are also available in green, purple, blue or in multi-colours, for those wishing to make their paddock easily identifiable or wanting to add some style!


Tape Gate Handle:  £4.50

This allows you to add tape of up to 40 mm to your gate handle.

This is especially important with 40mm tape to ensure there is a good electric connection across the whole width of the electric fencing tape.  Standard gate handles require you to fold or roll 40 mm tape to get the tape through the small ring at the rear of the handle.

It works much like a standard gate handle.



Spring Gate Handle Set: £7.99

This is a spring that extends up to 5 meters.  It keeps the electric running around the fence and is ‘live’ itself.  When the gate is open it springs back and keeps the gate handle of the ground.  This is not suitable for horses because it can catch their hair.



Rope Gate Handle Set:  £25.99

This is a high visibility rope, ideal for horses and livestock that can find traditional gateways hard to see.  This rope can extend up to 5 meters, and will carry your live current, making it part of your electric fence.  This is an alternative to the spring gate set, which can cause problems for some animals. The elasticated rope has steel conductors woven in to it so the gate will provide a shock and carry the power over the gate way.

Please note the rope has a minimum length of 1.5 meters


Elastic Gateway:  £19.99
The elastic gate way kit for electric fencing is an alternative method for making gateways in semi permanent electric fences (using wooden posts), ideal for horses and livestock.
The elastic has steel conductors woven in to it so it can be made live. This means that power can flow through the gate way to continue the fence on the other side.  It can make a gateway of up to 4.9 meters and it is simple to adjust the length of the gateway for small openings.


Roller Gateway:  £32.00

This gateway is the deluxe gateway of the electric fencing world!  You can get a rope gateway, or a tape gateway.  It extends up to 6 meters.  It’s main feature is that the rope or tape recoils back into the case, keeping it neat and tidy and making sure your fence stays live.


Please also remember that you will need gate handle insulators to connect the gate handles easily to your electric fence.  Some of the gate handle sets come with gate handle insulators, but if you buy single gate handles you will need to purchase the gate handle insulators separately.

If you have any questions about your electric fence, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We help people get started with electric fencing every day!


Here is a link to a You Tube Video showing some of the gateways in action:

YouTube Video Preview
YouTube Video Preview
YouTube Video Preview


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